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Student Services


Year 6 2019:

All students who have enrolled in a State Secondary School for 2019 will receive confirmation of

acceptance during August.


Year 5 2019:

A reminder for all Year 5 families that enrolments at Catholic Secondary Schools for Year 7, 2021

concludes on 23 August, 2019.


Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD)

At the end of last term, families were given information in regard to NCCD. NCCD is a government initiative, whereby schools need to provide information and evidence regarding adjustments and differentiation that is made for students in all Australian schools.


Some students at St Peter Chanel may have a Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) to show the areas where learning is adjusted for individual needs. If you have been given a PLP from your child’s classroom teacher, please return a signed copy to school as soon as possible.


Attached is a copy of the letter from the Federal Government in regard to NCCD that was sent out last term. Please take the time to read this information if you did not do so last term.


Student Services Leader

Carmel Bortolotto

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