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Religious Education 2020
Religious Education 2020 29 June 2017

‘Bear a Son’


Alyssa Stephenson 6A


Heavenly Father,

I am a Person,

I am Powerful,

I am Supportive,

Just like Mary.

Mary was to ‘bear a son’,

I can bear emotion, love, kindness, just like Mary.

I carry like Jesus was carried.

As a person of awe and wonder I imagine.

We as a community carry and bear our lives through highs and lows but remain the same people with changed hearts. Our love is shared and spreads to all humans of bearing. We support. We comfort. We carry. We bear. Just like Mary. I ask for your love,

Thank you, Lord, thank you Mary, thank you to all,








June 2020- Compassion for the World

All around the world, many people suffer due to difficulties they are facing.  With loving hearts and compassion, we can comfort and support them just as Jesus did.  It brings them to the heart of Christ which welcomes and loves us all.

Friday, June 19 was the solemnity of the Feast of the Sacred Heart. On this day we celebrated the great love Jesus has for each and every one of us.  A love so great that he even died on the cross for us.  Each class celebrated this feast day in a variety of ways including a class liturgy, meditative prayer and even prayer through art.


His Sacred Heart shows us not only how much we are loved but how much we must love others.  On this feast day, we reflected on our welcoming, loving and comforting heart.  A heart that not only gives us life and love but allows us to give life and love through our actions.


This year, we pray especially that those who suffer may find their way in life, allowing themselves to be touched by the heart of Jesus through their experiences of love and compassion.


A Blessing

May God bless us with listening ears and open hearts to the world’s needs

May God bless us with responding hearts that care for the sick and marginalized

May God bless us with hearts that create communities of love wherever we are

May God bless us with the fire of love on our journey.



Project Compassion 

Project Compassion is a fundraising initiative that is organised through Caritas.  Money raised from this fundraiser helps end poverty and promote justice so the world’s poor do not need to rely on charity. It provides less fortunate children and those with disabilities to buy school supplies, provide structures to be built, collect valuable rainwater and provides mentoring and skills programs to begin the process of generating an income.


The generous donations of all families in the school resulted in raising a total of $237.35!


Thank you for the sacrifice you made in order to give to others who are less fortunate.


2020 Sacramental Program

Below are the dates and times for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.


Dates for the Sacrament of Reconciliation have remained the same.  The students will be prepared for this sacrament in class through an engaging unit.  There will be opportunities for family engagement as the children prepare for this sacred Sacrament of Healing.


Dates for First Holy Communion and the Parent Information Evening have been rescheduled.  Dates and times are specified in the table below.  The children will be preparing for this Sacrament during Term 3 and opportunities for family engagement will be provided.


Please note that all dates are tentative and are subject to potential change in the event of changing government directives.


The Sacrament of First Reconciliation

Tuesday 15 September

Wednesday 16 September



First Holy Communion Information Evening facilitated by Fr Elio Capra

Tuesday 8 September 6:30pm


The Sacrament of First Holy Communion

Saturday 17 October 11am and 2.00pm


May your Term holiday be blessed with love and laughter in the comfort of



Angela Giordimaina

Religious Education Leader



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