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“Appreciate what you have, where you are and who you are within this moment”


Dear Families

We have come to that time of the year as a faith community where we prepare for the coming of the Advent season and a well-deserved break over the Christmas period.  It is the time where we prepare for the freshness that the New Year brings us.


As our school year draws to a close, our minds and hearts are filled to the brim. It has been a great year! Together we have learned much and shared experiences that will long remain with us in years to come. The strength of our community and wholehearted passion to make our school a wonderful place of faith and learning for our children primarily makes our school a truly special place.


As I continue to reflect on the year, I acknowledge Father Rowan Luza (Parish Priest) and Father Rene Manubag (Assistant Priest) for their continued support of the parish and school in so many different ways.  Their on-going encouragement and willingness to trust decisions made in the best interest of all the children is appreciated.


I would like to thank the teaching staff for their dedication, professionalism and caring manner that makes a huge difference to our students. Their commitment is outstanding and our children are the beneficiaries. Thankyou for providing rich and engaging experiences, knowing that education is about joy, wonder and fostering curiosity. Their ability to kindle the joy of learning and their friendly smile or the compliment that means so much to your child are examples of their commitment. For all of this, we are truly grateful.


I thank Mrs Luisa Parissis, (Deputy Principal) for her support this year to our school. Her ability to lead and support the school community so that it continues to function effectively is an indicator of her professionalism and commitment.  Luisa continues to work tirelessly, always putting the needs of students and community at the forefront of her mind. Her leadership qualities are exemplary and of the highest order.


I thank the Leadership Team at St. Peter Chanel School for their ongoing support in leading improvement in specific curriculum areas.  Their professionalism and dedication is of the highest quality.


Angela Giordimaina                                 Education In Faith

Adelina Elzeine and Adrian Schultz      Literacy 

Michelle Perceval                                     Mathematics

Carmel Bortolotto                                    Student Services

Jackie Rushen                                          Student Wellbeing Leader


I would also like to thank our School Administration Team, Mrs Ann Dressler, Mrs Cheryl McBride, Mrs Denise Shead, Mrs Louise Carayannopoulos and Mrs Claire Decelis who work with great spirit and efficiency in the school administration managing so many aspects of the school to ensure that it runs efficiently day to day.


I thank our Education Support Officers, Kerry Bellin, Sheryl Payne, Christine Grogan, Rowena Murraylee and Michelle Formosa for all the work they do.  Their commitment in working with our children in the area of special needs and intervention is tremendous.


I thank Claire Decelis for her work in the library and Community Centre co-ordinating many educational and parent experiences for our community.  Her work behind the scenes is greatly appreciated.


I also acknowledge and thank Jose Suyat and Andrew Rushen for their work as caretakers in the school.  Their commitment and willingness to oversee many areas of the school is evident in so many ways.


I would like to acknowledge the contribution made by the Parent and Friends Committee, who have organised many fundraising activities this year to support the school.  Their positive energy and commitment in making a difference is outstanding.  The committee raised approximately $12,000 that was used to purchase furniture and classroom equipment.  Congratulations on an outstanding achievement!


I also thank the School Advisory Committee for their work in supporting aspects of school improvement and the vision of the school.  Their willingness to make a difference to our school community is a credit to them all.  They are an extremely committed group who communicate and collaborate in a most professional manner.


I thank our Year Six students.  I wish them all the best as they move to their new schools.  Their leadership skills this year have been appreciated across so many areas of the school. I particularly thank the student leaders who have served the school with pride.


I thank the parent community of St. Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School.  Your support in so many ways is acknowledged, your trust in the school and your effort to assist your child’s learning a credit to you all.  I thank you for trusting the staff as we continue to grow your child to be the best person they can be and look forward to our continued association with great anticipation. I would like to farewell all families who are leaving St. Peter Chanel School and thank them for their contribution to our school.


And finally, I thank all the children at St. Peter Chanel School. The children are friendly, welcoming and support each other.  They always have a smile on their face when they enter school and always represent the school with pride.  They strive to do their best in all areas of school life, whether it is in the classroom or in other areas of the curriculum.


As the year comes to an end we give thanks to the Lord for the blessings of the year, grateful for God’s saving presence in our lives in the good and the difficult times. I pray that each of you has a safe and blessed Christmas with your families and loved ones and look forward to seeing you all in 2019.




We welcome Maryanne Said to St. Peter Chanel School Community for 2019 and beyond.  Maryanne has been employed as a School Administration Officer.   We look forward to seeing Maryanne in the New Year.



School resumes for all students on Friday, 1 February 2019.


Yours sincerely,

Mr Armando Gagliardi


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