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Athletics Day 


On the 16th of August SPC participated in the annual Athletics. It was a pleasure competing against all the other schools. We had a great time watching other students. The day had started at 9:30 am and finished at 2:00 pm.


Athletics is a time where we can do our best and watch others reach their full potential. At the other end of the spectrum it was a tiring yet exclusive event. Athletics gives us a chance to reflect on how much effort was put in our P.E lessons as well as our own personal time dedicated for Athletics.


All of the students in SPC’s Athletics team had reached their full potential even though some students were very close making it into the next round. These children have made it into the next round for these events:


1500m girls – Caitlyn Vaughn and Charlotte Gerada, 800m – Emma Nguyen, Caitlyn Vaughan and Deon Azzopardi, Triple Jump – Charlotte Gerada, Tobechi Emezie and Zak Nosal, Long Jump – Vaani Jassi, 100m – Tobechi Emezie, 200m – Violet Lutar and the 12 year old girls 4 x 100m relay – Anicia Balbastro, Sienna Gattellaro,  Vaani Jassi and Violet Lutar.


The ‘Best and Fairest’ medals went to Sam Edwards from 6A and Vaani Jassi from 6R.


On behalf of all the Students who had participated in Athletics we would like to say a BIG ‘Thank you’ to all of our teacher and a BIG ‘Thank you’ to Mr Shein, Mrs Payne and Mr Lafranchi for always supporting us on the day and just sharing our experiences with you!


The 16th of August was a day that EVERYONE could remember! We celebrated our efforts with the ‘eating fest’ we had after the Athletics and most of all it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.



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