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SPC Mathletes

Well done to all the Mathletes who created a tessellation art piece inspired by the artist MC Escher. The quality of work produced was excellent.  Congratulations to the following children who had winning entries:


1st Place       Karam Alkateb                     2nd Place      Joseph Di Bella

3rd  Place      Niki Platis                            4th Place      Julie Dinh


Multiplication Competition:

During term 3, the Year 6 Maths leaders will be running a multiplication competition for children in Year 2-6.  It is optional for children to participate and is designed so that children will compete against others in the same year level.  Below is the timetable for the weeks of competition for each year level.

Week 3   Year 6

Week 4   Year 5

Week 5   Year 4

Week 6   Book Week – no competition this week

Week 7   Year 3

Week 8   Year 2


Victorian Mathematics Challenge:

You can make a difference, get involved and join the fun!


Families have a big impact on their children’s understanding and attitude towards maths. By providing learning opportunities and support at home, you can help encourage maths learning from an early age right through high school. Taking part in the Victorian Maths Challenge is a great opportunity to show your interest and share a love of learning with your child.


The Victorian Maths Challenge is a fun and engaging resource to give you an opportunity to explore everyday maths challenges with your family. The Victorian Maths Challenge is a great way for you, your family and friends to explore and solve problems!  You can:


  • Take on as few or as many challenges as you like.
  • Work together to find your own solutions.
  • Capture what you discover with a video, photo, diagram or story. You can even share your findings on the Victorian Maths Challenge website!

Check out the Victorian Maths Challenge by visiting:


School Mathematics Website

The website is a highly valuable resource you can use with your children. Below is the link to access the school mathematics website:


Michelle Perceval

Mathematics Leader

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