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House Spirit Leaders 2020
House Spirit Leaders 2020

St Peter Chanel has engaged in the ‘Our House Spirit’ model. The ‘House Spirit’ house system is a unique opportunity for our students and families to further enrich our school culture, elevate student wellbeing and create valuable connections. Within the structure there are four coloured teams. These teams are referred to as ‘Houses’ and offer students opportunities where they experience a true sense of belonging. These experiences are fun, diverse, inclusive, vibrant and engaging opportunities. To help guide these houses there are three Year 6 House Spirit Leaders for each house. Overall 35 Year 6 students applied for a leadership role, they all reflected on their own leadership qualities and an initiative they would like to lead as part of the House Spirit model. We are excited to announce the House Spirit Leaders for 2020.


 Blue House Spirit Leaders – Alyssa, Brayden and Cristofer                                           











Green House Spirit Leaders – Anton, Emmanuel and Ayene













Yellow House Spirit Leaders – Chiara, Makayla and Anton











  Red House Spirit Leaders – Holly, Talisa and Tobechi



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