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Student Services PREP 2020     TRANSITION TO SCHOOL PROGRAM This year our transition program for 2020 Prep students will be run over three sessions on:   Friday, 15   November 9:30am-12:15pm Friday, 22 November 9:30am-12:15pm Monday, 25 November 9:30am-12:15pm   Orientation will be built in to our program, therefore there will be no formalised Orientation Day.   STORYTIME SESSIONS As part of our transition program 2020 Prep students are invited to participate in our Storytime Program held on:   Thursday, 28 November 9:30am Thursday, 28 November 2:20pm Friday, 29 November 9:30am Monday, 2 December 10:00am   Please contact the school office directly if you would like your child to participate.   YEAR 6 2019 Another session of our Year 6 Transition Program will be held on Friday, 8 November. For this session our Year 6 students will travel to St Lawrence Derrimut to take part in activities designed to further assist them with their transition to secondary school.       Student Services Leader Carmel Bortolotto Read More
Mathematics   Multiplication Competition   We had lots of enthusiastic participants in the 2019 Multiplication Competition and there were lots of very quick competitors.  Congratulations to the following children who are the winners for 2019!   Overall Whole School Champions 2019   1st Place     Tobechi Emezie Year 5 2nd Place    Tyson Bui Year 6 3rd Place     Sarah Lia Si Year 4   The Multiplication Champions 2019 Year Level Champion 2nd Place 3rd Place Year 2 Jordan. A. Xavier. G. Soa .T. Year 3 Julie .D Mekdes. G. Boi .K. Drina .D. Samuel .T. Ame .S. Year 4 Anthony .T. Sarah .L. Malcolm. H Year 5 Jamie .C. Emmanuel .S. Tobechi .E. Year 6 Xavier .L. Nhan .T. Tyson .B.   School Leaders visit to Our Lady’s School   On the 12 September, the SRL leaders took part in an interesting and engaging learning experience at Our Lady's Primary School. The SRL students had a chance to listen to inspirational stories of leadership.   Three guest speakers engaged us with their motivational speeches, Charlie Bezzina, Alice Pung and Mike Rolls.  They spoke about their life story and what qualities motivated them to be leaders.   Charlie Bezzina was an investigator and said to always respect others because of his experience. He spoke about reputation and how decisions we make in the present can impact the future. Alice Pung, an author of many stories spoke about her childhood, spoke about the racism her family experienced because they were Asian and how she deals with it. Her stories have a sense of humor but they also tell people that we should have rights, be equal and stop racism. Mike Rolls was a former football player who caught meningococcal, a serious disease. He shared his story of making the most in life, even when something sets you back. His story taught us to love ourselves and that you should make the most of every opportunity because you can’t go back. We have learnt lots from this experience and will be sharing the messages with others.   Milana Bruno, Tiffany Georgiou, Charlotte Gerada, Audrey Gerada, Jennifer Luu, Patrick Sprekos   Michelle Perceval Mathematics Leader Read More
Library   Library News   Book Fair:  Congratulations to all for purchasing $3094.10 worth of books, posters and stationery at our recently held Scholastic Book Fair. Our school will gain a 20% profit from the total. Thank you to everyone that made our Book Fair a success, especially the parents and staff who volunteered to assist.   Book Week Winners as voted by the Australian Book Council of Australia. Book of the Year: Younger Readers His name was Walter. Book of the Year: Early Childhood Tricky’s Bad Day. Picture Book of the Year Cicada.   Reading Challenge We congratulate all students that so far have achieved the standards of the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge for 2019. Reminder – The Reading Challenge is due to be completed by 3 September 2019     Claire Decelis Read More
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