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Student Leaders 2018 In term one, the year six students had the opportunity to apply for a leadership role.  There was clearly a lot of thought and effort put into the applications as many were very impressive.  Congratulations to the following students who demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities and have been selected for a leadership role:   Student Representative Leader 6A: Olivia Muscat & Alyssa Smith 6L: Priscilla Wedi & Tam Le-Bui 6R: Adaw Mayen & Katherine Sulewski   Social Justice Alexia Pantazopoulos, Mikayla Starostecki, Ruth Samson   Mathematics Jake Abela, Andrew Pappas, Aavin Muthugalage, Kevin Lam, Adaw Manoat, Hayden Cremona   ICT Ysannah Pumo, Jacob Cremona, Kayleen Nguyen, Bryce Tran-Harrigan, Katia Lucic, Tayla Mangion, Grace Emezie   Outdoor Education Allison Jeane Baluyot, Priscilla Micallef, Joshua Yemane, Emily Koziol, Tahlia Nosal   Visual Arts Isabelle Macasero, Cindy Vo, Leni Nadugo, Wendy Lopez Read More
Student Services Prep 2019 The transition program for 2019 Prep students has commenced.  The children have had their first visit to St Peter Chanel school.  This will be followed up with another session from Monday 29th October – Thursday 1st November.   Reminder for all Prep 2019 Parents Prep 2019 Orientation Day will be held on Friday, 30th November 9:15-10:30 in the school hall.   Year 6 2018 The second session of our Year 6 Transition Program with St Lawrence will be held on Friday, 16th November.   More information about this event will follow shortly.    Carmel Bortolotto Student Services Leader Read More
Mathematics   Helping Children with Mathematics:   Children need time to think and time to answer.  When asking your children questions or talking to them about mathematics give them time. Be patient.                                 Professor Doug Clarke   How to help children learn about Money in Mathematics: There are many ways to help your child including: Giving them a moneybox to save and encouraging them to regularly count their money. Calculating money amounts and different ways to use coins and notes to make up different amounts, e.g. show me $2.50. Calculating change, particularly change from $1 or $10. Calculating items that are a better buy at the shop.   School Mathematics Website The website is a highly valuable resource you can use with your children. Below is the link to access the school mathematics website:   Michelle Perceval Mathematics Leader Read More
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