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30 July 2017 Principal’s News WISDOM UPFRONT   Each time a person passes by you and you say “hello’ imagine that person turning into a candle.  The more positivity, love and light you reflect, the more light is mirrored your way.”   ADVENT As we approach the end of the school and church liturgical year, we note that Advent is almost upon us. It is a time of irony in many ways. Schools are extremely busy with the many activities and arrangements that the end of the year entails. For all of us, life seems busier and busier. Yet Advent calls us to make time for quiet reflection and prayer, to open our heart and mind and spirit to the knowledge that God loves us and invites us to share the love with others. It is a time to reflect on how well we have responded to that invitation as individuals and as a community, and to renew our commitment to God’s love in the world.   Let us all reflect on the significance of Advent and how we can support one another as we come closer to the conclusion of 2019.   STAFFING UPDATE As staffing continues to be finalised for 2020, I am informing the community that two of our staff are retiring.  Fran Thorn and Cheryl McBride have announced their retirements from their respective roles at the conclusion of the year.   Fran Thorn has been at St. Peter Chanel School since 1978 serving our Deer Park community with pride, enthusiasm and commitment.  Her positivity with children in her care and the ability to encourage children to do their absolute best is a credit to her professionalism. Fran has taught across all areas of the school but has particularly contributed to the Catholicity of our school. Her commitment to her faith, leading children in our Sacrament Program, Masses and Liturgies an example of this.  Fran has contributed so much to Catholic Education and leaves a mark of compassion, service and spirit.   We also acknowledge Cheryl McBride as she retires from her role in reception and administration. Cheryl has been at our school for twelve years overseeing the many aspects of her role. Cheryl’s professionalism and expertise in this area has truly been outstanding. Her commitment to the role has been exemplary and of the highest order.   We wish Fran and Cheryl every best wish in their retirements as we no doubt, will miss them both.  We will be acknowledging Fran, Cheryl and other departing staff at our end of year school mass on Friday 13 December at 9.30am.   All families are invited to attend.   SCHOOL FEES AND LEVIES Outstanding school fees still remain for 2019.  It is important that they are paid promptly to ensure that the school can meet its payments. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please make an appointment to see me.  Thank you to all parents who have finalised their fee and levy payment for 2019.  Your support with this matter is appreciated.   CHRISTMAS CAROLS Our Christmas Carols celebration will take place on Thursday 5th December beginning at 6.00pm at the school.  A sausage sizzle will be available from 5.00pm. We look forward to a wonderful evening and hope to see many parents and friends supporting the children.  The children are very excited and have already commenced preparing.   GRADUATION MASS Our Graduation Mass will be held on Monday 16th December at 7.00pm at St. Peter Chanel School Church.  We hope as many families as possible can attend this special Mass.  It is a wonderful opportunity to recognise the talents of our Year 6 students.  It also provides us with time to reflect on their journey at St. Peter Chanel School.  We will also ask God’s blessing on each one of them as they begin another important stage of their life journey.   END OF 2019 SCHOOL YEAR A reminder to all parents that the end of the 2019 school year will conclude on Tuesday 17th December at 1.00pm.  The After School Program will be in operation as per normal on this day.  Year 6 students will finish on Monday 16th December to coincide with their Graduation ceremony.   SCHOOL RESUMES School resumes for all students on Friday, 31st January, 2020.   DIARY DATES TERMS  4 – 2019   Thursday, 5 December                              Christmas Carols   Thursday, 12 December                            Learning Conversations   Friday, 13 December                                End of Year School Mass 9.30am   Monday, 16 December                             Year 6 End of School & Year 6 Graduation 7.00pm.   Tuesday, 17 December                             School Concludes for 2019 1.00pm     Yours sincerely, Mr Armando Gagliardi PRINCIPAL  UPDATE Read More
29 June 2017 Religious Education   Advent: Preparing for the Coming of Jesus   Sunday, 1 December marks the first week of Advent - The week of Hope.   Advent marks the beginning of a season where we wait and prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas.   God we ask You to guide us as people of hope this Advent.  We pray for our sisters and brothers around the world who are hungry, lonely and in need.  May they come to know that they are not alone at this time and that they continue to be people of Hope in their communities.  Help us to share the hope this season with everyone we meet and be the living Jesus in our world today. Amen   Social Justice Christmas Initiative by the Year 6 Social Justice Leaders.   Love in a Box  Love in a Box is a program that spreads joy and love to children and women at Christmas where gifts are donated and given to those who are less fortunate. The Year 4’s are participating in this program which started 4 years ago at St Peter Chanel.  This all started with a visit from Mrs Anne Garvey, a past principal, on Tuesday, 19 November.  Anne who was a Principal at St Peter Chanel and has now retired, is dedicating some of her time in helping these women and children. When she came to visit the Year 4’s and the Social Justice Leaders she gave them an insight into the emergency housing and support provided for these women and children.   As part of Love in a Box, the children in Year 4 have been put into groups and have been assigned a certain thing to buy for a child.  The gifts that they will be giving them are: Something to read Something to love Something to wear Something to play with Something christmassy!   The community of St Peter Chanel looks forward to spreading the joy of Christmas!   St Vincent De Paul- COLOUR DAY   Geraldine Desbois from 2K came up with an idea that we should have a Colour Day.  A Colour Day is where you have the opportunity to wear your favourite colour to school. Geraldine went to Mr. G with her idea and had a conversation about it.  Mr. G though this was a great idea! As a result, we are going to have an SPC COLOUR DAY on the last day of school.  On this day we ask everyone to wear their favourite colour. We also ask that you make a gold coin donation on this day to support the St Vincent De Paul Christmas appeal which supports those who are less fortunate in our community.   School Masses   End of Year School Mass On Friday, 13 December, the school will celebrate the end of the school year, giving thanks to God for the amazing community we have here at St Peter Chanel.  Mass will begin at 9:30am and all families are invited to join us as we reflect on the blessings of the year.  At this mass, our school community will also bid farewell to the Year 6 students as they hand over their leadership roles to the Year 6 students of 2020.  We will also take the opportunity to say farewell those staff members who are moving on in 2020.   Graduation Mass On Thursday, 16 December at 7pm, the Year 6 children will be celebrating their Graduation Mass.  This will be a celebration of their journey here at St Peter Chanel School as well as an insight into what they hope for in the future.  We wish our Year 6 students all the very best as they embark on the next stage of their educational journey where a new chapter of their lives will begin.   Notes have been distributed to those in Years Four and Five who are willing to support our Year 6 students at their Graduation mass as a member of the Choir or as an altar server.  This is a special occasion and your support would be greatly appreciated.   If you would like to participate in either of these masses please see your child’s teacher or come and see me.  You may like to do the Offertory with you child/ren or do a reading!   Altar Servers Notes will soon be distributed for children in Year 4, who have received their First Holy Communion, to express their interest in being trained as an altar server.  Should you have any queries regarding this, please feel free to come and see me.   Sacrament dates for 2020  Dates for the 2020 sacraments have just been advised. The dates are as follows:   Confirmation -Saturday, 14 March First Eucharist – Saturday,15 June First Reconciliation - Wednesday 9 September and Thursday 10 September   Important Dates in the Church Calendar First week of Advent                                            Sunday, December 1 Second week of Advent                                        Sunday, December 8 Third week of Advent                                           Sunday, December 15 Fourth week of Advent                                         Sunday, December 22 Christmas                                                           Wednesday, December 25   Angela Giordimaina Religious Education Leader     Read More
Student Welleing   SEL is a Prep-6 program, where students engage in explicit learning opportunities as a means of building their social and emotional capacity. At SPC we value family partnerships. The SEL program supports families by providing learning opportunities that promote deep understanding of SEL competencies, development of strategies and consolidation and reinforcement of social and emotional skills.   The SEL Competencies include Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Relationship Skills, Responsible Decision Making and Social Awareness.   There are 3 cycles of SEL throughout the year. Each specialist cycle runs for 13 weeks, Prep-6. Class teachers facilitate the program alongside me, if I am not taking their class in a particular cycle.   The cycles each have a focus.   Building Positive Relationships (Terms 1 and 2) Bounce Back: Being Resilient (Terms 2 and 3) Be Safe: Safety for ourselves and others (Terms 3 and 4)   This term SPC continues to focus on Safety at home, school, in the community and online. Cycle Three: Safety for ourselves and others.   Foci include:   Identifying what being Safe looks like, sounds like and feels like Demonstrating Safe behaviours Learning to be a Safe and respectful online Learning to be Safe at home, school and in the community Working collaboratively with others   Further queries please feel free to contact me.   Jackie Rushen Student Wellbeing Leader Read More
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