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30 July 2017 Principal’s News WISDOM UPFRONT “Everyone has a story – maybe you are the one meant to hear it”   Dear Families   Welcome to Term Four!   It was great to see all the children arrive on Monday morning with smiles on their face, ready to be with their teachers and friends. Their energy throughout the week has been evident, reconnecting with our school community in so many ways.   I take this opportunity to thank all families for their commitment and support of the school in recent months. Your ability to stay positive during difficult circumstances is a credit to you all.   Attached in the bulletin is information that may continue to assist children in transitioning back to school.   WORLD TEACHERS DAY On Friday 30 October, we acknowledge World Teacher’s Day in Australia.  The day provides an opportunity to pay particular attention to the important role of teachers within our school communities.   I would like to thank the staff at St. Peter Chanel School for giving your child the best education possible.  Their commitment, passion and professionalism are indicators of individuals striving to be the best they can possibly be, in a most challenging profession.   Let us give thanks for all our educators at our school.   CAR PARK A reminder to all families that dismissal for students in Years Prep, 1 , 2 & siblings is at 2.45pm each day and for Years 3 ,4, 5 & 6 at 3.15pm each day. It is important that families adhere to these times and do not arrive to school substantially earlier than required. The aim of these staggered finishing times is to promote flow for vehicles and families and avoid congestion.   SCHOOL CROSSING  Brimbank City Council have implemented a few changes to the way our School Crossing Supervisors work Covid-19 safe at a crossing.   Changes Compulsory wearing of masks – WHISTLES WILL NOT BE USED Hand signalsand voice commands will be used to instruct pedestrians in place of the whistle To maintain social distancing, all supervisors will stand on the opposite side of the crossing to where pedestrians approach Morning shift:     School Side location Afternoon shift:   Opposite side to school   SCHOOL FEES AND LEVIES Outstanding school fees remain for 2020.  It is important that they be paid promptly to ensure that the school can meet its payments. Thank you to all parents who have finalised their fee payment for 2020.  Your support with this matter is appreciated.  All families received a letter outlining a part credit regarding school levies. If you have any queries, please contact the school.   SCHOOL CLOSURE DAYS Please note that school will be closed on Monday, 2 November and Tuesday, 3 November.  A parish closure day has been allocated for the Monday, to precede the Melbourne Cup. There will be no school for students on these days.  OSHC will be available for students on Monday 2 November.  Parents must register their child prior to the day.   Please note that the school will also be closed on Friday 13 November (Professional Learning day for staff ) and Monday 7 December allowing Learning Conversations to take place. More information will follow in due course.   END OF 2020 SCHOOL YEAR A reminder to all parents that the end of the 2020 school year will conclude on Friday 11 December at 1.00pm for all students. The After School Program will be in operation as per normal on this day.  Year 6 students will also finish on Friday 11 December.   DIARY DATES TERM 4 – 2020   Friday 23 October                                   Public Holiday   Monday 2 November                               Parish Closure Day   Tuesday 3 November                               Melbourne Cup – Public Holiday   Friday 13 November                                 School Closure- Professional Learning for Staff   Monday 7 December                               Learning Conversations   Friday 11 December                                 School 2020 concludes for all students   ADMINISTRATION BUILDING St Peter Chanel Primary School, (Administration building) has been nominated in the Category for: Small Projects under AU$2m for the first People’s Choice Award. The award is being organized by Learning Environments Vic. Chapter. I have been asked to send this notice and alert our community to assist in generating votes for ‘People’s Choice Award’.  Below are detailed instructions of how to vote: Follow @le_vic_chapon Instagram On their feed, you will see the image below ‘Like’ the post to assist in winning the people’s choice award   It is great for our community to be acknowledged regardless of the outcome. I will inform the school community of any decisions in due course.   God Bless Armando Gagliardi                           Read More
29 June 2017 Religious Education 2020   October- The Month of the Rosary The month of October is dedicated to the most Holy Rosary; the most widely practised prayer amongst Catholics around the world. On October 7, we celebrated the liturgical feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.   The Church celebrates Mary as a model for all believers and an example to us all. Through the examples we find in the Gospels, we know that Mary was a wife and mother of great faith who served others, prayed, was courageous and yet also suffered.   Children have also been praying the Rosary.  I invite you to say the Rosary with your child, taking the time to pray and remember the lives of Jesus and Mary and to thank and praise God for them through prayer.   Pope Francis wants us to rediscover the beauty of the rosary and says, "the Rosary is a prayer that always accompanies me; it is also the prayer of the ordinary people and the saints... it is a prayer from my heart.   Feast of St Anthony Mary Claret  Friday 23 October is the Feast of St Anthony Mary Claret, the founder of the Claretian Missionaries.  Our Parish Priests here at St Peter Chanel are Claretians.  St Anthony Mary Claret was a missionary whose mission was to spread the word and the love of God just as Jesus had asked us to do.  His motto was to ‘Light the whole world on fire with the love of God.’  The community of St Peter Chanel follow the motto to Love One Another .  Therefore, may we all share our love with all we meet in our thoughts, words and actions.   May you know God May you love God May you serve God And May you praise God Just like St Anthony Mary Claret   Sacraments- 2021 Dates for 2021 sacraments are yet to be finalised.  I thank families from Years 3 and 4 for their understanding in the need to cancel sacraments for 2020.  We look forward to 2021 in hope that children will be able to celebrate their sacraments.   Important Dates in the Church Calendar   All Saints Day                                         Sunday, 1 November All Souls Day                                        Monday, 2 November   May God Bless You All!   Angela Giordimaina Religious Education Leader     Read More
House Spirit Leaders 2020 St Peter Chanel has engaged in the ‘Our House Spirit’ model. The ‘House Spirit’ house system is a unique opportunity for our students and families to further enrich our school culture, elevate student wellbeing and create valuable connections. Within the structure there are four coloured teams. These teams are referred to as ‘Houses’ and offer students opportunities where they experience a true sense of belonging. These experiences are fun, diverse, inclusive, vibrant and engaging opportunities. To help guide these houses there are three Year 6 House Spirit Leaders for each house. Overall 35 Year 6 students applied for a leadership role, they all reflected on their own leadership qualities and an initiative they would like to lead as part of the House Spirit model. We are excited to announce the House Spirit Leaders for 2020.    Blue House Spirit Leaders - Alyssa, Brayden and Cristofer                                                                Green House Spirit Leaders - Anton, Emmanuel and Ayene                          Yellow House Spirit Leaders - Chiara, Makayla and Anton                                                                                                                                    Red House Spirit Leaders - Holly, Talisa and Tobechi     Read More
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