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30 July 2017 Principal’s News WISDOM UPFRONT   “Believing in yourself is everything. If you do not believe in what you can do, it is almost impossible to achieve it.”   Dear Families   Welcome to a new year of education, and a special welcome to those of you who are beginning your journey at St. Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School for the first time. I hope your holidays were an opportunity to relax with your family and friends, and to refresh body and spirit.   Again, this year, we will continue to work together to strengthen our partnership in educating your child.  By working together, I believe we provide the loving, compassionate, supportive and safe environment crucial to nurturing creative and successful young adults.  It is with best wishes that we begin our 2020 journey.     Enrolments Enrolments for Prep 2021 are soon to open.  To be eligible to commence school next year, children will need to be five years of age by 30 April, 2021.  Enrolments will also be accepted for other year levels.  Enrolment Packs will be available from the school administration in March.   Assembly School assemblies for 2020 will continue to be held on Friday afternoons, as indicated on calendar, beginning at 2.40pm. In the event of inclement weather or extreme heat, assemblies will be cancelled.  All families and friends are welcome to attend.   Term 1 - Assembly dates:   Friday, 14 February                      Year 5C Friday, 28 February                      Year 4A Friday, 13 March                           Year 3AS   School Closures Parents are asked to note school closures for Term 1 – 2020   Thursday 5 March                        Professional Learning for staff Friday 6 March                             Professional Learning for staff Monday 9 March                         Public Holiday   School App (Skoolbag) A reminder that the School App is available to all families and friends and can be downloaded immediately. The School App is another way families are informed and updated with school and classroom events as well important day to day information that may become available. Please contact the school administration if further information is required.   Consent and Asthma Forms - Updating Family Records To ensure that our school data is recent and accurate, a Parent Consent and Asthma form was issued last week, please return as soon as possible.   Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) A Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund application form is attached for you to complete if you have a current health care card. The CSEF is an annual payment to the school to be used towards camps, sports and/or excursion expenses.  The amount is $125.00 per student.   School Photos School photos will be held on Monday 23 March.   All students are to wear their summer uniform.    Hat Policy It is a requirement for all students to wear a school hat when they are outside.  For students not wearing a school hat, the school’s “No Hat, No Play” Policy will be followed.    Anaphylaxis If your child has Anaphylaxis or allergies, please ensure that a 2020 Anaphylaxis Action Plan or Allergy Action Plan is provided to the school.  These plans must be updated annually.  This can be obtained from your doctor, who must sign the document.  Please ensure that the school has a current Epi-Pen which will be stored in the First Aid room in the school office.   Food Items Unfortunately, the incidence of childhood food allergies is on the rise. Some children can have a dramatic reaction to the smell or touch of items such as dairy or nut-based products. Their reaction requires serious treatment with adrenaline prior to hospitalization.   As a result, the sharing of food items is not permitted as some items may have a trace of an allergen. This means that bringing cakes, lollies, or other party foods from home to celebrate birthdays cannot occur.  While we are aware that this is disappointing for some students, we are acting in the best interests of all.   At lunch break and afternoon recess, children are given time to eat in class before going out to play. We aim to support parents in encouraging healthy eating while at school and ask for your support in limiting chips, lollies and other snack foods.   Picking up your child from school Pick up arrangements are very important for your child’s sense of security. Please ensure that your child knows who will be picking him or her up from school.  If these arrangements change, please contact the school.   School Car Park A letter was sent home to all families (14 February) about car park expectations.  It is important for all families to read the update.   TERM DATES FOR 2020   Term 1          Friday, 31 January – Friday, 27 March   Term 2          Tuesday, 14 April to Friday, 26 June   Term 3          Monday, 13 July to Friday, 18 September   Term 4         Monday, 5 October to Tuesday, 15 December     Yours sincerely, Mr Armando Gagliardi PRINCIPAL  UPDATE Read More
29 June 2017 Religious Education   Welcome to the 2020 school year as we begin a new journey together with God by our side.   The excitement and uncertainty of the all the year has in stall for us is felt throughout the school.   The St Peter Chanel community is part of the Catholic community that encourages the children, staff, families and all those in our parish to live like Jesus taught us. The rituals we participate in when we pray, go to mass or celebrate the sacraments, allow us to strengthen our faith and learn the Gospel values that guide us in our everyday lives in the way we act, the choices we make and the way we treat others. We learn how and why we do this through scripture.  This is our Catholic Identity.  This is what makes our school unique.  Our Catholic identity is seen; is felt; is heard; is lived.   This term the children will be inquiring about our Catholic Identity. Take the time with your family to think about how your family expresses their Catholic identity through the way you live life, pray and celebrate.   Our Catholic Identity is who we are so let us ‘Love One Another’  and walk with God and strive to live more like Jesus each day.   Beginning of the School Year Mass On Friday, 7 February, the school community gathered in the church to celebrate mass to welcome in the school year. The mass was celebrated by our Parish Priest, Fr Felimon Libot CMF.  It was a beautiful celebration that focussed on the fruits of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit calls us to live with care and concern for others.  It is through the fruits of the Holy Spirit and our Gospel values that St Peter Chanel is the welcoming and respectful learning community we are today. We are guided by the Holy Spirit in everything we do.  Thank you to all those who participated in the mass and to all the families and parishioners who joined us in this Eucharistic Celebration. A special welcome to all new families and staff members.   Ash Wednesday Wednesday, 26 February, is Ash Wednesday. It is a significant day in the Church, as it marks the first day of Lent. Lent is the time before Holy Week where we take some extra time to stop and think about what we need to change in our lives to prepare us for the Easter season.   Lent lasts for 40 days. On Ash Wednesday, we will wear ashes on our forehead to show that we too are sorry for the times when we do or say the wrong things, and we think about how we can change to become better people.  The ashes come from the palm leaves and branches from last year’s Palm Sunday. These palms are blessed and burned for us to wear on this day. During Lent, the students are encouraged to try extra hard to do and say what is right. We will ask God to help us try harder in making the right choices, through penance, works of charity, fasting and prayers. We remember that God loves us so much that He gave up His only son for us.   We invite families to attend class liturgies for Ash Wednesday. Details regarding this will be forwarded to families shortly.   Please note the Parish Masses for Ash Wednesday will be held as follows:   8.00am:      Parish Mass. 7.00pm:      Parish Mass   Altar Servers Children who have celebrated their First Eucharist are now eligible to become Altar servers.  Notes will be sent out soon for those children who are interested.  It is a great opportunity for children to be active members of the church community.   Religious Education Term One Dates Ash Wednesday Liturgy                              Wednesday 26 February      9.30am Holy Week and Easter Liturgy                      Friday 27 March                 9.30am   2020 Sacramental Program The Sacrament of Confirmation                  Saturday 14 March         11.00am and 2.30pm   First Eucharist Evening                              Monday 26 May              6:30pm The Sacrament of First Holy Communion     Saturday 13 June            11.00am and 2.30pm   First Reconciliation Family Evening              Monday 26 August          6:30pm The Sacrament of First Reconciliation         Thursday 9 September     5.00pm Thursday 10 September   5.00pm   Invitation! If you would like to participate at either of these masses, please see your child’s teacher or come and see me.  You may like to do the Offertory with your child/ren or do a reading! We would love you to participate with us.   Important Dates in the Church Calendar Shrove Tuesday                                                  Tuesday, 25 February Ash Wednesday                                                  Wednesday, 26 February   Jesus be with you all this year as we embark on a new journey together to develop our faith!   Angela Giordimaina Religious Education Leader     Read More
Student Welleing   Children learn social and emotional skills most effectively when they are reinforced at school and especially at home. “Children who have developed social and emotional skills find it easier to manage themselves, relate to others, resolve conflict, and feel positive about themselves and the world around them.” Kids Matter (Social and Emotional Learning Program- Australian Government Department of Health).   It has been wonderful to see our students so settled at the beginning of the school year.  The staff and students continue to revisit our school expectations:                            Be Safe                          Manage My Behaviour                           Respect Ourselves and Others                          Follow Instructions   These expectations are strongly linked to the Social and Emotional Learning in our school and based on the Personal and Social Capabilities in the Victorian Curriculum.   Personal and Social Capability is essential in enabling students to understand themselves and others, and manage their relationships, lives, work and learning more effectively. The capability involves students learning to recognise and regulate emotions, develop empathy for others and understand relationships, establish and build a framework for positive relationships, work effectively in teams, develop leadership skills, and handle challenging situations constructively.  (Victorian Curriculum: Victorian State Government).   There are 6 Social and Emotional Competencies that align with our school expectations and SEL Program:   Self-Awareness                                   Self -Management                                   Relationship Skills                                   Responsible Decision Making                                   Social Awareness                                   Growth Mindset   At SPC, we strongly believe that building on our students Social and Emotional knowledge and skills has a significant impact on our students learning outcomes and promotes essential life skills that can have a positive effect on their wellbeing now and in the future.   If you have any questions or wonderings please feel free to contact me.   Jackie Rushen Student Wellbeing Leader Read More
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