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30 July 2017 PRINCIPAL UPDATE   WISDOM UPFRONT   “Appreciate what you have, where you are and who you are with in this moment”   FAMILY HELPERS Family helpers are an important part of our school.  As a school, we value the time and support given by family members to assist in a variety of ways.  A meeting was held this week for interested families regarding  expectations and the schools Code of Conduct Policy.  If you were unable to attend and would like to be a parent helper, you asked to complete the Code Of Conduct documentation and make an appointment to meet with me.  This requirement is effective immediately and is essential, as is a Working With Children Check. If you have previously completed documentation, you are not required to do so annually.     CODE OF CONDUCT The purpose of Code of Conduct Policy is to establish clear expectations for appropriate behaviour by adults towards children and young people. It aims to protect children and reduce any opportunity of abuse or harm to children. This Code of Conduct also provides anyone engaged by St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School with guidance on how best to support students and young people and how to avoid or better manage difficult situations.     UPDATING FAMILY RECORDS - ASTHMA If your child has Asthma, your child’s Asthma Action Plan must be updated annually.  This can be obtained from your doctor, who must sign the document.  Please ensure your child has their own Asthma puffer/spacer with them at school.  If your child is confident with taking this, it may be kept with them in their classroom.  If not, it can be stored in the First Aid room located in the school administration.     ANAPHYLAXIS If your child has Anaphylaxis or Allergies, please ensure that a 2019 Anaphylaxis Action Plan or Allergy Action Plan is provided to the school.  These plans must be updated annually.  This can be obtained from your doctor, who must sign the document.  Please ensure that the school has a current Epi-Pen which will be stored in the First Aid room in the school administration.     SCHOOL CLOSURES A reminder that there will be no school for students next Thursday and Friday as teachers are involved in professional learning.   Thursday, 7 March                                   Professional Learning (School Closure Day) Friday, 8 March                                        Professional Learning (School Closure Day) Monday, 11 March                                   Public Holiday – Labour Day     SCHOOL FEES AND LEVIES School fees and levies for 2019 have been finalised and all families have received a letter outlining financial expectations for this year.  If you did not receive this letter, please ask for documentation from the school administration.   Statements have been sent home and all amounts for term one are now due. It would be appreciated if all accounts are paid promptly to ensure that the school can meet its payments. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please make an appointment to see me.   Thank you to all parents who have finalised their fee and levy payment for 2019.  Your support with this matter is appreciated.     ENROLMENTS Enrolments for Prep 2020 are soon to open.  To be eligible to commence school next year, children will need to be five years of age by 30 April, 2020.  Enrolments are also being accepted for other year levels.  Enrolment Packs will be available from the school administration in March.     School tours listed below:   School tour 1                  Thursday, 28 March School tour 2                  Monday, 29 April School tour 3                  Thursday, 23 May School tour 4                  Monday, 17 June School tour 5                  Wednesday, 24 July School tour 6                  Thursday, 22 August School tour 7                  Monday 2 September School tour 8                  Monday 21 October   All school tours commence at 9.30am   Please confirm your attendance by contacting the school administration.   TERM DATES FOR 2019   Term 1          Friday, 1 February – Friday, 5 April   Term 2          Tuesday, 23 April to Friday, 28 June   Term 3          Monday, 15 July to Friday, 20 September   Term 4         Monday, 7 October to Tuesday, 17 December   SCHOOL CLOSURES 7 PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 2019   Term 1 Thursday, 7 March                                  Professional Learning Friday, 8 March                                       Professional Learning Monday, 11 March                                   Public Holiday – Labour Day   Term 2 Thursday, 25 April                                    Public Holiday – ANZAC Day Monday, 10 June                                       Public Holiday – Queens Birthday Thursday, 27 June                                    Learning Conversations   Term 3   Term 4 Monday, 4 November                               Parish Closure Day Tuesday, 5 November                               Melbourne Cup Thursday, 12 December                            Learning Conversations     Yours sincerely, Mr Armando Gagliardi PRINCIPAL  UPDATE Read More
29 June 2017 RELIGIOUS EDUCATION   On Ash Wednesday we begin the holy season of Lent.  Lent is a time to grow closer to God and to be mindful of how God is present in our lives today.  During this liturgical season, we remember the time Jesus spent fasting and praying in the desert.   Lent is a time for fasting to remind us that we depend on God and to be mindful of the less fortunate; Prayer to grow closer to God; Giving  to those less fortunate as what God has given us is for us to share.   This Lenten season consider… making a donation to the Caritas Project Compassion appeal to give to those less fortunate in our lives. reflecting on the readings at mass as to what it is telling you doing something for others through a random act of kindness praying for family, friends, strangers and our world   In all these ways you will develop a closer relationship with God and be His face in the world today which, just like Lent, ultimately leads to Joy.   ASH WEDNESDAY Wednesday March 6th is Ash Wednesday. It is a significant day in the Church, as it marks the first day of Lent. Lent is the time before Holy Week where we take some extra time to pause and think about what we need to change in our lives to prepare us for the Easter season.   Lent lasts for 40 days. On Ash Wednesday, we will wear ashes on our forehead to show that we too are sorry for the times when we do or say the wrong things, and we think about how we can change to become better people.  The ashes come from the palm leaves and branches from last year’s Palm Sunday. These palms are blessed and burned for us to wear on this day. During Lent, the students are encouraged to try extra hard to do and say what is right. We will ask God to help us try harder in making the right choices, through penance, works of charity, fasting and prayers. We remember that God loves us so much that He gave up His only son for us.   We invite all families to attend the school Ash Wednesday mass on March 6 at 9:30am.   Although Prep students will not be attending Ash Wednesday mass, Prep parents and families are warmly invited to join our school community at this mass marking the beginning of Lent.   The Parish Masses for Ash Wednesday will be held as follows:   8.00am:      Parish Mass. 7.00pm:      Parish Mass   Confirmation Family Night On Tuesday, February 26, Maria Forde facilitated an evening with Confirmation candidates, their family and sponsors. It was a night of conversation, song, ritual and reflection in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation on March 16.   Sacraments are a visible sign of God’s presence.  It is at this sacrament where the children grow closer to God and, as adults of the church, promise to be His presence in our world. Thank you to all those who attended this evening.   Sacrament Of Confirmation The Year 6 children will be celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday, March 16th.  Masses are at 11:00am and 2:30pm.  Bishop Mark Edwards will be Confirming the children.  Please keep these children, their sponsors and their families in your prayers.   Altar Servers Children who have celebrated their First Communion are now eligible to become Altar servers.  Notes will be sent out soon for those children who are interested.  It is a great opportunity for children to be active members of the church community.   Religious Education Term One Dates   Ash Wednesday Mass Years 1-6                 Wednesday 6 March                     9.30am Holy Week and Easter Liturgy                     Friday 5 April                             9.30am   Angela Giordimaina Religious Education Leader     Read More
Student Welleing   Mindfulness Monday Last year SPC introduced Mindfulness Monday as a whole school initiative.   Mindfulness Monday will continue again this year.  Students and staff are encouraged to take a moment to be present, centered and grounded, in readiness for their learning and work throughout the week.   This term, we are taking the opportunity to tune ourselves back into the purpose and benefits of Mindfulness.  We continue to explore techniques used in mindfulness meditation.   Mindfulness is a skill for life Mindfulness practices, have been proven to be one of the most effective ways to lower stress levels, cope more effectively with stressful events and prevent stress build up and burn out. (Georgina Manning Psychotherapist and co-founder of Peaceful Kids Program). Mindfulness can calm the mind, focus our attention and help us make the most out of life.   Mindfulness is about focusing attention on the here and now, rather than thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Good mental health in childhood sets young people up for the future and their career (Smiling Minds Mindfulness Program). For further queries, please feel free to contact me or talk to your child’s teacher.   Jackie Rushen Student Wellbeing Leader Read More
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