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30 July 2017 PRINCIPAL UPDATE   WISDOM UPFRONT   “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”   Dear Families   On Friday, 26th October, we acknowledged World Teacher’s Day in Australia.  The day provided an opportunity to pay particular attention to the important role of teachers within our school communities.   I would like to thank the staff at St. Peter Chanel School for giving your child the best education possible.  Their commitment, passion and professionalism are indicators of individuals striving to be the best they can possibly be, in a most challenging profession.   Let us give thanks for all our teachers at our school.   LOST PROPERTY As term four continues it is important that you check the Lost Property area for any missing items of clothing.  At the end of the school year all contents will be washed and stored if they are not labelled.   SCHOOL FEES AND LEVIES Outstanding school fees still remain for 2018.  It is important that they are paid promptly to ensure that the school can meet its payments. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please make an appointment to see me.  Thank you to all parents who have finalised their fee and levy payment for 2018.  Your support with this matter is appreciated.   SCHOOL CLOSURE DAYS Please note that school will be closed on Monday, 5th November and Tuesday, 6th November.  A parish closure day has been allocated for the Monday, to precede the Melbourne Cup. There will be no school for students on these days.   Please note that the school will also be closed on Thursday, 6th December allowing for Learning Conversations to take place.   GRADUATION MASS Our Graduation Mass will be held on Thursday, 13th December at 7.00pm at St. Peter Chanel School Church.  I hope as many families as possible can attend this special Mass.  It is a wonderful opportunity to recognise the talents of our Year 6 students.  It also provides us with time to reflect on their journey at St. Peter Chanel School.  We will also ask God’s blessing on each one of them as they begin another important stage of their life journey – Secondary School.   END OF 2018 SCHOOL YEAR A reminder to all parents that the end of the 2018 school year will conclude on Friday, 14th December at 1.00pm.  The After School Program will be in operation as per normal on this day.  Year 6 students will finish on Thursday, 13th December to coincide with their Graduation ceremony.   Please note that students are finishing slightly earlier, as Occupational, Health and Safety guidelines do not allow students to be on school site whilst the transitioning and moving into our new administration takes place.   Staff will conclude the year the following week and be involved in supporting the transition to the new administration which is due to be completed by the end of the year.   SPORTS FUN DAY A reminder that our school ‘Sports Fun Day’ takes place on Friday, 2nd November at Sassella Park, Deer Park.  The day will commence at approximately 10.00am and conclude at 1.30pm.   All children are expected to wear their sports uniform / house colours.  Children will be walking to and from Sassella Park.  All families are invited to attend.   SCHOOL RESUMES School resumes for all students on Friday, 1st February, 2019.   TERM DATES FOR 2018   Term 4        Monday, 8 October to Friday, 14 December             Friday, 2nd November                         Sports Fun Day Monday, 5th November                       Parish Closure Day (School Closure Day) Tuesday, 6th November                       Melbourne Cup (School Closure Day) Thursday, 6th December                      Learning Conversations (School Closure Day)       God Bless Mr Armando Gagliardi PRINCIPAL  UPDATE Read More
29 June 2017 RELIGIOUS EDUCATION St Anthony Mary Claret- The Founder of the Claretian Missionaries of the Immaculate heart of Mary   “A Son of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is a man on fire with love, who spreads its flames wherever he goes. He desires mightily and strives by all means possible to set everyone on fire with God’s love. Nothing daunts him: he delights in privations, welcomes work, embraces sacrifices, smiles at slander, rejoices in all the torments and sorrows he suffers, and glories in the cross of Jesus Christ. His only concern is how he may follow Christ and imitate him in praying, working, enduring and striving constantly and solely for the greater glory of God and the salvation of humankind.”   Feast of St Anthony Mary Claret   On Tuesday, 23rd October we celebrated the Feast of St Anthony Mary Claret.   Saint Anthony Mary Claret was born in Spain in 1807 and was was the son of a weaver. He was one of eleven children and it was his sister who taught him to pray the rosary.  His great devotion to Mother Mary and to the Rosary was the reason he added Mary to his name.  At the age of eleven, when a bishop visited his school, he was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up.  Without hesitation he answered that he wanted to be a priest.   In 1835, St Anthony Mary Claret was ordained into Priesthood.  He travelled throughout Spain preaching the Good News to the people. St Anthony Mary Claret founded the congregation called The Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, known as the Claretians, whose motto is To light the whole world on fire with the love of God .       Saint Anthony Mary Claret was later made bishop of Cuba where he erected a hospital, built numerous schools and founded a religious library.   He died on 24th October, 1870 and was declared a saint on 7th May, 1950. Our parish priests, Father Rowan and Father Rene have dedicated their lives to the work of Saint Anthony Mary Claret to proclaim the word of God to people throughout the world.   October- The Month of the Rosary   Pope Francis says, "the Rosary is a prayer that always accompanies me; it is also the prayer of the ordinary people and the saints... it is a prayer from my heart.   The month of October is dedicated to the most Holy Rosary; the most widely practised prayer amongst Catholics around the world. Children from Years 3-6 have joined Lucy Sgro, the leader of the Legion of Mary at our church, to recite the Rosary.  Year levels have also been praying the Rosary in the classrooms.  I invite you to say the Rosary with your child and take the time to pray and reflect upon Jesus’ life through praying the Rosary.   Whole School Masses 2018 End of Year School Mass               Friday, 7th December              9:30am in the church Year 6 Graduation Mass                Thursday, 13th December         7:00pm in the church   If you would like to participate at either of these masses please see your child’s teacher or come and see me.  You may like to do the Offertory with you child/ren or do a reading!   Sacrament dates for 2019 Dates for the 2019 sacraments have just been advised. The dates are as follows:   Confirmation –Saturday, 16th March First Eucharist – Saturday, 15th June First Reconciliation – Thursday, 5th and 12th September   Angela Giordimaina Religious Education Leader Read More
Student Welleing   Mindfulness Monday During Term Two, the school introduced Mindfulness Monday as a whole initiative. At 11.50am each Monday, all students and staff take up to 8 minutes to pause and take a moment by experiencing guided mindfulness. Mindfulness comes from a researched based program Smiling Minds, created by co-founders Jane Martino and James Tutton.   Mindfulness is a skill for life. Mindfulness practices have been proven to be one of the most effective ways to lower stress levels, cope more effectively with stressful events and prevent stress build up and burn out.  (Georgina Manning Psychotherapist and co-founder of Peaceful Kids Program).   Mindfulness can calm the mind, focus our attention and help us make the most out of life.  Mindfulness is about focusing attention on the here and now, rather than thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Good mental health in childhood sets young people up for the future and their career. (Smiling Minds Mindfulness Program).   Jackie Rushen Student Wellbeing Leader Read More
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