Learning & Teaching
St Peter Chanel

St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School is a learning centred school where the students are central to our vision. The school aims to create a learning environment  in which the students are encouraged to realise their own potential and accept responsibility for their own learning. Learning and Teaching at St Peter Chanel School encourages a culture of high expectations for all leaners so that students and staff can develop to their full potential.


Curriculum Overview

St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School aims to promote lifelong learning and active participation as citizens in Australian society.
Learning and teaching practice is based on an integrated curriculum and implemented through an inquiry approach.
Our policies and programs are developed within the guidelines of the National Curriculum and the Religious Education Guidelines.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers essential knowledge, skills and behaviours in the following domains:

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities (Economics, Geography , History)
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Sciences
  • Civics and Citizenship
  • The Arts – Performing Arts and Visual Arts
  • LOTE – Japanese
  • Personal Learning
  • Design, Creativity and Technology
  • Thinking



Extra Curricular Activities

Excursions / Incursions: Our excursion program enables students to further their learning and social skills development in a non-school setting. Excursions may have a cultural, environmental, social skills or outdoor emphasis and are linked to classroom teaching and learning programs. They are an important aspect of the educational programs offered at our school.

Outdoor Education: At St Peter Chanel School we recognise that Outdoor Education is an important part of teaching and learning. The Outdoor Education in all year levels reinforces and extends the students learning and social skills development through a unique and positive educational experience.

Interschool Sports: We provide the opportunity for students to participate in a variety of games and sports against schools in our zone. We aim to develop the students physical, mental and social skills through physical activity.



Religious Education

As educators and believers in Christ we facilitate the spreading of the Good News. At St Peter Chanel we teach Religious Education in order to give the students the understandings of the Catholic Church. Together with this we encourage the students to develop a personal relationship with God, so they able to strive to live their own lives in the light of Jesus example.

Sacramental Program

The Religious Education Leader and teachers collaboratively prepare the students for the Sacraments. This is supported by a whole school focus. All students participate in the program for the preparation of the Sacraments. Parents are provided with information about the program and the preparation of their children for each of the Sacraments:

• Sacrament of Reconciliation in Year 3
• Sacrament of First Eucharist in Year 4
• Sacrament of Confirmation in Year 6



Assessment and Reporting

Assessment is an ongoing process individual to each student. Accurate and comprehensive monitoring and assessment of school and student performance aids in establishing open communication, helps improve student learning and assists in establishing future directions for teaching and learning. Reporting on student progress is an important element of the teaching and learning process.

Reporting will take the form of:

• Parent Teacher Introductory Conversations
• Parent Teacher Mid Year Learning Conversations
• Written School Reports
• Parents will receive a copy of the report generated as a result of participation in Statewide Testing (NAPLAN)
• Ongoing conversations with staff as required


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