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“Christians or not, as people of faith and goodwill, we should be united in showing mercy to the earth as our common home and cherishing the world in which we live as a place for sharing and communion.” Pope Francis

Season of Creation

September 1 to October 4 is the Catholic Season of Creation. Sunday scripture readings focus on this gift of creation that God has given us and the role we have have been entrusted with.  Pope Francis calls us to recognise God’s presence in creation, for us to become aware of the impact our actions are having on creation and is calling for us, as a community of faith, to become a voice for the Earth and to take the necessary steps to care for the tremendous gift God has given us.


Sacrament of First Reconciliation


Through Reconciliation we come to know ourselves more and develop a relationship with God.  When we accept our mistakes, weaknesses and limitations we grow and develop honesty and sincerity. When we examine our behaviours we allow ourselves to reflect on what we can do to be closer to God.


The children in Year 3 have celebrated their First Reconciliation, the first Sacrament of healing.  Here are some of their reflections of their experience.


Erika 3T

Reconciliation is special to me because it was a time to get closer to God and tell Him all our sins. After I had my Reconciliation I felt fresh and proud of myself.


Chloe 3K

Reconciliation is special to me because it is when you tell your sins to Father and it’s a really big part of being Catholic.  At first I felt a little bit nervous and then I felt happy because I could just start again and be more like Jesus.


Isaac 3A

Reconciliation is special to me because you get to say sorry to God and God will forgive you but when you say sorry you have to really mean it.  I felt relieved after Reconciliation because, at first, I was nervous but then I felt happy because I was forgiven.


The Salvation Army  – Giving Hope Today!


The Year 5 children have inquired about organisations that assist those less fortunate than ourselves.  Deon Azzopardi and Isaac Athanasiadis from 5M inquired about The Salvation Army.


“We chose the Salvation Army because we recognised that it was local. We also know that they had a store that poor people could purchase things such as clothes, toys, furniture and even food that are sold for a cheap price. We would like to ask that families at St Peter Chanel donate to this organisation. You could donate unwanted clothes, costumes, outfits to go out with, toys, furniture and any used items that are still good.  We could all support this organization by buying things from there too. You don’t have to be poor!”


The nearest Salvation Army store is at 2 Westwood Dr, Deer Park and the trading hours are as follows:

Monday                               9:00 am – 5:30 pm

Tuesday                               9:00 am – 5:30 pm

Wednesday                        9:00 am – 5:30 pm

Thursday                             9:00 am – 5:30 pm

Friday                                    9:00 am – 5:30 pm

Saturday                              9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Sunday* Donations Only


Whole School Masses

Feast of St Anthony Mary Claret        Tuesday October 23                        9:30am in the church

End of Year School Mass                   Friday December 7                         9:30am in the church

Year 6 Graduation Mass                   Thursday December 13                    7:00pm in the church


If you would like to participate at either of these masses please see your child’s teacher or come and see me.  You may like to do the Offertory with you child/ren or do a reading!


Have a safe and restful break.

Angela Giordimaina

Religious Education Leader

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